Silk scarf with lace, 90x90

Rich ornamentation of bobbin lace from Idrija, combined with the translucence of silk

Bobbin lace in a wooden frame


Ceramic brooch with a motive
of bobbin lace

The lace - a thin thread between the present and the past, is placed into a new material - ceramic. The artist added colours and a golden coat and thus created a unique artistic miniature

is a pleasant wish,
is something between us
that can not be expressed
by words,
is a bunch of flowers from an autumn meadow,
a basket filled with dried fruit
from our orchard,
is a dish full of cookies that
you enjoy to eat
is a mottled sweater, knitted
in secret,
is a piece of Slovene
is an idea of our designers,
is our selection, made for you!


A selection of personal and business gifts made by


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Autumn's abundance

Clay statuette, 20 cm

A toast

A clay picture or wine bottle holder with verses from Dr. France Prešeren, the greatest Slovene poet

Niether gold nor silver can offer so much as a single tree

Wooden bowls and nutcrackers

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